The physical warning signs your child is overdoing screen time

With the ever increasing use of smartphones and tablet devices,  the physiotherapists at Accelerate Physiotherapy have seen a marked increase in injuries in children as young as 10 as a direct result.

Accelerate Physio has teamed up with Perimeter Guardian to help reduce screen time in young people.

“Leaning down looking at their phone or tablet for hours increases the weight of their head to up the 30kilos!” says Adnan Ali, one of the directors at Accelerate Physiotherapy. “This can put a massive strain on the neck, shoulders and spine and can cause long lasting injuries.” The team at Accelerate Physiotherapy also see injuries in the hands such as repetitive strain injury in thumbs from long term screen use.

Warning signs for too much screen time include:

  • Stiffness in back, shoulders and neck
  • Headaches
  • Poor posture
  • Aching joints in hands (particularly thumbs)
  • Change in mood



Prevention is better than cure and the team at Perimeter Guardian have heaps of tips and tricks to reduce your child’s screen time, including setting up a roster, going on an “unplugged” vacation as a circuit breaker, and downloading apps that set time limits on their screen use. More useful parent tips can be found on the blog

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