New Guidelines for the Treatment of Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis (OA)

Long the scourge of ex-footballers and a significant portion of the population over 55 years old, knee and hip OA presents a challenge for the Australian healthcare system. Treatment options are limited, often costly and invasive, and certainly not guaranteed to be successful.


Which is why the guidelines recently released by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) are so exciting. They outline the best, evidence-based treatment options for knee and hip OA, which are…drumroll, please… exercise and weight management.

Nothing fancy, flash or particularly cutting edge. Just exercise and weight management. These guidelines are the result of consolidation of the best research available and go so far as to recommend against several popular treatment options and put the brakes on rushing off to undergo surgery. While every individual case is different, and all treatment avenues should be explored, it’s worth booking an appointment with us at Accelerate Physiotherapy about the best course for you. Relief may be as simple as a bit of calorie counting and sweat.


What we can do for you:

-Analyse your movement patterns to determine potential aggravating factors

-Develop a personalized treatment plan designed to promote pain free movement

-Help you monitor your symptoms and chart progress

-Give you the best, evidence-based advice for adjunct therapy and lifestyle change

 If you’d like to read the full guidelines, click the link below:

In addition to the information above there are also recommendations made for specific medications, alternative therapies, and nutraceuticals that can be found in the published report.

**WARNING- dry content ahead **